BK Events wants to make scheduling an event space as smooth as possible. Below are some of the most common questions we receive. Not seeing an answer to your question?
Please contact us so we can get your event planning started.

A 50% deposit of the rental fee along with a signed agreement is required to book a date at one of our locations. Once a contract is requested and sent, a 5 business day hold is placed on the date for processing. Once an agreement and payment are received the date is officially secured on our calendar. 30 days prior to your event day you are required to pay the remaining 50% of your rental fee along with a security deposit. All payments made toward the booking of an event must be made out to THE DUMBO LOFT regardless of the location.

You can simply fill out our ‘contact us’ portion of the website and we will receive your inquiry. You can also reach us directly at info@bkvenues.com. Tours are conducted Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:00pm and Weekends by appointment from 10am-2pm.

Yes, a General Liability insurance is required for every event at any of our locations. If alcohol is to be served during the event a liquor component must be checked off in association with the form. Each location has its own entity that should appear under the “certificate holder” portion of the insurance. Below are the entities for each location:

The Dumbo Loft

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/155 Water Street Assoc  LLC

The Greenpoint Loft

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/73 West LLC

The W Loft

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/240 Kent LLC

26 Bridge Loft

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/Sheva Realty Corp

The Dumbo Spot

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/Chatov LLC

All payments made towards events are non-refundable. The only time a refund is considered is If you wish to cancel your event and BK VENUES is able to rebook that same date. A refund for the payment is issued once the new client has paid in full for their event. The penalty for this process is 50% of the payments made at the time of the cancellation request.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating; you may use the vendors of your choice. We only ask that should you be using a caterer not on our preferred vendor list, you schedule an appointment for the caterer to visit the location of choice prior to the event date.

The only exclusive vendors are Elite Valet and Outfit Security. Should you need valet service for your event, you will need to contact Elite Valet as all other Valet services are not permitted at any of our locations.

Outfit security is the only security company allowed on premises to monitor and secure events at all of our locations for public affiliated events. Private events do not require additional security personnel.

No, a planner or coordinator is not necessary however recommended. Your caterer may be able to provide these services. The day of your event is busy, you may not want to be the point person for all the details executed on this day. A person appointed for these responsibilities could be a valuable asset the day of your function.

BK VENUES will clean the space before and after your event: sweeping, mopping, detailing the bathroom, and taking care of any necessary repairs.

In order to get your full security deposit back, you (or your caterer) must complete the following break down procedures immediately following your event:

All items brought into the venue for your event must be offsite by the contracted end time.

BK Venues table and chair rentals should be stacked and placed as they were received the morning of your event.

Outside vendor rentals/items must be offsite by the contracted end time.

The venue floor must be left in a debris free state with no puddles of liquid left standing

All food/caterer related items must be in garbage bags and in the proper location at each respective venue for waste management.

All of our venues must have all items used during the event day removed form the venue by the end of the contracted end time.

All of our venues have internet capability through NV Events. If you require Wifi access you must contact them directly for their services. They can provide access for multiple devices during your event.

Each location has an inventory that has tables/chairs that are either included or offered for rent. Each location has its own separate inventory and rental price. Tables and Chairs are the only items offered associated with BK VENUES. All other items needed for your event must be provided by an outside vendor.

The only locations that have inhouse PA systems is our Dumbo Loft locations and Dumbo Spot location. All other venues do not have any AV capabilities associated with the rental of the space.

Cash Bar events are not permitted at any of our locations.

Yes, you are welcome to schedule site visits to the venue after you have booked the space. Once a date has been secured you will have direct correspondence with our event space managers to help facilitate any onsite visits necessary for the planning of your event.

We do not host multiple events at our locations. One event per day exclusively for your event is our model. Actual event duration does not effect the rental rate unless a multi day rental is required.

A Venue Manager will provide you with access to the space the morning of your event and troubleshoot any infrastructural issues that may arise. (Plumbing, Heating/cooling, electrical). The Day Manager can also sign for a delivery to the venue the day of your event.

We are completely transparent with our pricing, what you are quoted is honored throughout the booking process. Our locations are offered as a short term lease of space that we maintain as the backdrop for your event. We pride ourselves on a surprise free space rental experience.